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Messenger Bots for Local Business?

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Are you aware how powerful Facebook Messenger can be in driving more traffic into your local business? How would you like to be able to send instant notifications about your sales and promotions? What about being able to qualify leads before ever getting on the phone with them?

Or think about how beneficial it would be to have an automated FAQ bot that could answer questions for you 24/7, so you and your employees could spend your time doing other important tasks, like making sales!

We have two objectives for creating this group:

1) To show local business owners how simple it is to find their ideal customers using Facebook ads and Messenger, and how it’s much more effective and affordable than traditional forms of marketing like mailers, TV-radio, Groupon, etc.

2) To give small business owners effective tips, tools and resources so they can make better marketing decisions that increases their ROI.

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